Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

HDR HDR!!! I kind of got into a HDR craze when I was in Lima, OH for the Flat Track Nationals this past weekend. There are quite a phew photos that are of just bikes in the parking lot all HDRd. I was in heaven!! Check em out!!

These however are of the races! It was Chris Carr's last year of racing. He is #4 he is a legend in the sport. These aren't bad given the fact that I didn't have press pass access to the action and that I was shooting at STUPID high ISOs. I was happy given the circumstances.

This is a Kawisaki ER6-N. N stands for Naked Bike. I love naked "Street Fighter " style bikes. They have such a raw, aggressiveness to them, that you don't get on other sport bikes. Very edgy. I want one so bad!!

This one was not HDR I just love this bike! M109R!!

please give me some feed back.

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  1. Stupid high ISOs? High ISOs = good sports photography! High ISOs stop the action, and that's what race photos are all about. High ISOs rule!