Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is me paying homage to the late, great, Irving Penn. He was a great photographer that I am glad Trevor Lee turned me on to.

For class we had to replicate famous photos from a photographer of our choice. I obviously chose Irving Penn.

This is a photo of Myles Davis' hand....

This is my rendition of the same photo with my friend Jeremy Arnold's hand.

This is another great photo by Irving Penn...
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And this is my version of it. I worked hardest on this one. It took a lot to set it up. I am really pleased with it.

And lastly, a self portrait of Irving Penn from the cover of his Portrait Book.

This is my version of it. And you can thank John for the suit coat, Chelsea for modeling it, and Meijer's for the Bag
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Friday, April 9, 2010

More stuff from last year!!

This is called Side-Hack Racing. Its when you have one guy drive and another guy sits on a skid plate (like a sidecar) and you work together to keep the bike balanced on the track it gets crazy! The guy crawling around the bike is called the Monkey. I asked Dad if he would be my Monkey and he said....well I am sure you can guess.