Thursday, May 13, 2010

A4 Scan-O-Gram assignment from Photo class

These are called Scan-O-Grams Its when you take a photo with a scanner. I took cars and ran them over the scanner to make this one.

This for some reason I wouldn't show landscape only vertical. But this was a motion capture.

This one was my favoite, the sky is my blue hat, the grass is my green hat, the clouds are tissues, the hoop is my hat, a McDonald's straw and a pen. And a small plastic Kevin Garnett figurine of mine. I scanned them all into the computer individually and I then layered them in photo shop to make this. I am proud of this one.

This one is a layered single pass scan. All this stuff was on the scanner for a one time scan. Its kind of crazy with the sand, snowman and the bubble paper all on a scanner at the same time. It is a snowman on the beach. Read his sign.
Let me know what you thing gang!

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